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LTL, overview.

To meet every need for every type of customer with every type of lens, even the most tailor-made. This is the innovative vision offered by LTL, a leading company specialising in the production of mineral lenses and the marketing of organic lenses. An international record achieved thanks to a company policy which carefully combines quality and technology throughout each process.

Quality under the lens.

The highest quality standards are the key to LTL’s international success among the most important professional companies in the ophthalmic industry. Lenses constantly tested and monitored, produced in accordance with the highest quality standards, scrupulously machined and tested by technologically advanced systems and strictly eco-friendly. All Made in Italy.
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360° of excellence

TL is able to respond promptly to every market demand, thanks to a wide and diversified range of services: from logistics on demand to the most extreme customisation of the product, from marketing support to the most sophisticated integrator service system. A single point of contact to help you expand your business.
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