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Perfection is in the details.


This is what characterises us worldwide: the meticulous care of the product at each stage of workmanship. From the careful selection of the best raw materials available on the market to a cutting-edge design enhanced by technological systems with low environmental impact. From the automatic and manual control of each lens, both for standard production and for highly customised ones, to the extreme specialisation of the departments entrusted with implementing coatings. Years of working for the most important sector brands have consistently raised our quality standards and strengthened our know-how. For this reason, LTL lens are universally recognised as a perfect blend of Made in Italy performance and reliability.

Made in Italy

Within the range of LTL products and coatings, some products are 100% Made in Italy. All lenses are tested and verified one by one in accordance with the highest market standards.

  • Mineral lenses ranging from index 1.5 to 1.9

    This production puts us among the top world producers of high-quality mineral lenses.

  • Prescription lenses

  • Special Products

    Products meeting the most difficult market demands and in need of special processes

  • Lens coatings

    All HMC, Max and Mirror coatings

  • HC lens colouring