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One Stop Shop.
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We call ourselves a One stop shop. It is the formula that best summarises the innovative capacity of our service. In LTL today you can actually look for and find any product, satisfying any market requirement, even the most specific one. From the supply of articles from stock and on-demand to dedicated shipments, from "just in time" logistic services to highly customised solutions. The most complete range of services designed to respond promptly to all professional needs and to facilitate work with customers. That’s why LTL is the ideal partner in a market that requires thoroughness, skill and flexibility.



Daily Service “Just in time”

It allows the customer to receive the products ordered during the day the next morning, if the daily order is made within the set time and with the default characteristics. For non-EU countries timing may vary by 2/3 days depending on customs procedures.


Daily Service Express
or Express Gold

These are "last minute shipping" services, which allow customers, by subscribing, to extend the Daily Service order integration time.


Cross Docking & Fulfilment

The customer is offered the chance to take advantage of LTL as an arrival point for several shipments; when the order is completed all the material is sent to the customer thus relieving him from all temporary shipping, purchasing and storage procedures of the material. LTL is able to manage minimum stock supply, sending supplies to the customer according to the required specifications.


Tailor-made services


Bag packaging

Personalised bag change with 100% rechecking and testing of the lens.



Lens engraving with logo or personalised customer’s text with 100% rechecking and testing of the lens.


Mass coating

Customised optical coatings based on the customer’s specifications. In this case also a 100% rechecking and testing of the lens is carried out.


Lab services

Laboratory tests which can be performed on request.

Bayer Test
The Bayer test is used to assess the level of scratch resistance.

Aging Test
This is a test that simulates an accelerated ageing and uses heat, oxygen, light, vibration aggravating conditions etc… in order to accelerate normal ageing processes of the lenses.

The spectrophotometer is an instrument which measures the amount of light of a specific wavelength, which passes through a lens.


Marketing & Technical
Training Services

  • Graphic design support
  • Promotional support
  • Promotional event realisation
  • Technical support
  • Technical training


Consumable services

  • Lens dye
  • Adhesive Sanding Discs
  • Anti-fog sprays
  • Lens cleaner sprays
  • Customisable cleaning cloths


System Integrator Services

Dedicated IT integration services between LTL and the customer, between the customer and his clients through ad-hoc developed apps.