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Drive Concept lenses: the expert’s words


Good vision is an essential condition for common safety on the road.
While driving, we often feel our eyes tired and heavy.
This happens because our sight must adapt quickly and frequently to the environmental conditions changes that surround us.
The continuous glares of the headlights, the road signs in low light conditions, the meteorological conditions and in general all the light and dazzling sources cause annoying problems to our sight.
It becomes important to have lenses designed to counteract these problems and able to widen the sharpness of the vision field in the medium and long distance, both during daytime and night time driving.

The expert’s words

We asked our laboratory technician Carlo to answer some questions about Drive Concept lenses and Nocturna coating.
Drive Concept lenses: what are their features?
“You should know that our visual system is able to focus on everything we find at different distances in different light conditions, deciphering the chromatic details as happens with a camera. Drive Concept lenses are the solution that offers a clear and safe vision while driving, away from any inconvenience. Their design has been created to ensure maximum visual comfort in photopic and scotopic vision conditions. When our eyes are surrounded by high brightness we are in a condition of photopic vision, our pupils decrease their diameter to let only the amount of light necessary for a correct vision pass. In this case, our eyes are in a state of miosis. On the contrary, in presence of low light our eyes are in a condition of scotopic vision, the state of mydriasis increases the diameter of the pupils to widen the visual field.”


Vision with ordinary lens.
Drive Concept
Drive Concept


Why to use them?
“Drive Concept lenses design is able to take into consideration the conditions of miosis and mydriasis facilitating to focus on the surrounding environment. The vision is amplified and optimized both from afar and intermediate distance, this gives greater driving safety. These lenses guarantee an increase in sharpness even in the peripheral areas to allow optimal vision in every direction and are ideal in case of adverse weather conditions.”


Can Drive Concept lenses be used also at night?
“Very often while driving at night we are dazzled by the luminous headlights of the cars we come cross and we perceive a strong annoyance sensation. The Nocturna coating, applied to Drive Concept lenses, allows to counteract these disorders by offering visual comfort even in conditions of scotopic vision, improving image contrast and reducing glare and visual fatigue.”


Vision with ordinary lens.
Nocturna coating.


Who are they recommended to?
“Drive Concept lenses are ideal for all those who want comfort and driving safety both day and night, especially for short-sighted people.”


What are you waiting for? Order Drive Concept
lenses now and secure your driving

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