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Green Planet

Innovative lenses with low environmental impact

Given the present situation, the term “Green” refers to lenses realized with special attention to the environmental impact, promoting sustainability throughout all stages of their life cycle. LTL, careful to the wellbeing of our planet and the needs of the market, proposes three families of lenses with eco-sustainable characteristics:


  • Lenses made from biobased materials
  • Lenses made from biodegradable materials
  • Lenses made from recycled materials


Lenti Biobased


Biobased lenses are largely composed of vegetable plastics, ensuring an ecological footprint while maintaining unchanged optical properties and technical standards of the lens. In addition to the use of plant-based materials, the “Green” principle is emphasized through a significant reduction in plastic waste during the production process. Our biobased lenses are certified by the independent laboratory Beta Analytics.


In the LTL catalog, there are biobased lenses in Plano Tinted and Clear, Semi finished and Finished Clear, to meet the different visual needs of our customers.


Lenti Biodegradabili


Biodegradable lenses are made from bioplastics sourced from renewable materials and biodegrade by approximately 8% after just 45 days in anaerobic conditions, in accordance with ISO 15985 regulations. These lenses, offering the same durability and quality as a regular lens, are the ideal solution for various purposes, especially as demo lenses.


Available in Plano Tinted and Clear, biodegradable lenses contribute significantly to reducing plastic waste and CO2 emissions in the production process.


Lenti Riciclate


Recycled lenses are composed of 50% recovered plastic and are the result of an innovative recycling process that transforms single-use plastic waste into durable plastic material. This method not only maintains the durability and quality standards of a conventional lens but also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Certified according to the standards of the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC), these lenses guide us towards a circular economy approach, aiming to minimize the impact of plastic waste on the environment.
Recycled lenses are available in Plano Tinted and Clear.


LTL’s aim to demonstrate that sustainability and innovation can thrive together in the production of eco-friendly lenses, without sacrificing quality, reflects a responsible approach that seeks to redefine standards in the optical industry. This proactive vision not only highlights the commitment to environmental protection but also emphasizes the awareness that sustainability can be a driving force for innovation.


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