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Summer Info

Summer, the desire to take a break from the projects that keep us busy throughout the year. What better way than to treat ourselves to some relaxing time?
During these moments, it is essential to remember to take care not only of our minds but also of our bodies.
Staying adequately hydrated, avoiding sun exposure during the hottest hours, and protecting our skin and eyes from UV radiation are habits we should always keep in mind.


In one of our recent Academy sessions, we delved into the damages that prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause to our eyes. Sunglasses are, therefore, valuable allies in preserving our visual health.


Here are some valuable tips on how to use them correctly:



Put them back in the case
Summer Info


Beware of water
Summer Info


Always keep them clean
Summer Info


Do not dry clean
Summer Info



These simple precautions will prolong the life of our lenses and allow us to make the most of our vacation.


Wishing everyone a great summer!




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