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Transitions® Signature® GEN 8™: the most innovative photochromic ever!


After years of studies conducted by Transitions® and a constant research in terms of quality and innovation is born Transitions® Signature® GEN 8™, the lens that revolutionizes the history of photochromism by creating a new generation of intelligent lenses.


To meet the performance standards required by the users of photochromic lenses, Transitions® has designed a new nano-composite matrix technology able to read the light in a surprisingly intelligent way.
Light intelligent lenses have trillions of photochromic molecules that are constantly changing shape based on their level of light exposure. Because the molecules are changing shape, they need space in the matrix to move.




High speed performance

This new technology allows GEN 8 ™ lenses high speed performance in activation and fadeback and enables them to switch from clear to dark and vice versa in a few seconds.
GEN 8™ photochromism also includes a new generation of ultra-agile dyes that are responsible for the color intensity increasing and the stability of lens performance over time.
These innovative, new ultra-agile dyes enable the lenses to:


  • Improved responsiveness
  • Improved darkness
  • Increase stability and consistency in performance across all col
  • Increase the longevity of the performance



At the core there are the needs and the expectations of the lenses users


According to several studies conducted by Transitions®, nine in ten eyeglasses wearers say they are sensitive to natural light and experience discomfort during exposure. At the core of this new innovation there are the needs and the expectations of the past generation of Transitions® Signature® VII photochromic lenses users.


GEN 8™ lenses far exceed the limits of the previous lenses, ensuring visual comfort, protection in all light situations and they are the ideal product for all eyeglasses wearers.
It is a unique visual solution able to satisfy not only the needs of photochromic lenses users, but also those who habitually wear clear lenses.


Qualitative tests show that GEN 8 ™ lenses respond to a number of unique features



35% faster activation times
30% faster fadeback times

Fully clear indoors



Even darker

100% UV and blue light blo



Better long lasting performance


What are you waiting for?
Be surprised by the uniqueness of GEN 8 ™!

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