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Blue cut

Protecting the eye from artificial light

The function of Blue Cut lenses is to reduce the effects of blue light. Blue Cut Premium 35 absorbs 35% of the blue light – between the 420nm and 450nm wavelenght. Blue Cut Hi-tech 50 absorbs 50% of the blue light – between the 420nm and 450nm wavelenght. Both absorb 100% of ultraviolet light, protecting the eye and making the use of electronic devices less inconvenient.

Blue Cut against the negative effects of the “blue light”

The natural defenses of the human eye are not equipped to protect from blue light that reaches deeper into your eye and its cumulative effect can cause damage to the retina.

The nature of light is changing

Due to the changing of our daily light environment and the usage of smartphones, tv, pc and tablet our visual system is fancing a peak of HEV light (blue light)

  • Scratch resistant

    Anti-scratch layer with innovative nano‑technology
  • Clearness

    Best superhydrophobic layer available on the market. Protects from dirt deposit & smudge
  • UV layer

    Layer blocks 100% of UV rays (400nm)
  • E.M.I. nano‑layer

    Antistatic and Antimagnetic layer
  • Blue Cut

    PREMIUM 35 Layer blocks 35% of blue rays (420/450nm) HIGH TECH 50 Layer blocks 50% of blue rays (420/450nm)

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