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The revolution in progressive lenses

A premium progressive lens realized with a innovative surfacing technology. The two main characteristics of the UNIQA design are the optimisation of the field of vision and the aesthetic enhancement of the lens, obtained by using a futuristic algorithm. These two characteristics make UNIQA a “unique” and exclusive lens in the progressive lenses’ world.


UNIQA will have between 15% and 40% less aberrations 40% more lateral visual field. Using this new technology, we’re able to produce thinner lenses.

  • Conventional PALs
  • FreeForm PALs
  • Uniqua


  • Maximum amplitude of lateral elds
  • Maximum eld of far and intermediate vision
  • Eliminates the rocking effect
  • Maximum adaptation in less time
  • Maximum comfort
  • Maximum aesthetics
  • Adaptable to wrap frames of large calibre.

Target user

UNIQA lenses are aimed to ametropic users who are looking for a progressive lens with the best performance available on the market. UNIQA is a guarantee of quality.

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