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5 things you should know about Cromo Care filters

The LTL Cromo Care filters line, lenses with photoselective filtering coatings, was born from the need to contrast the harmful effects that UV rays and blue light have on the eyesight of people with particular eye diseases, giving the right protection and visual comfort at the wearers.
But what are the main features of these filters? What are the effects on our sight of these radiation to which we are constantly exposed? How can their harmful effects be avoided?


5 important aspects to consider:


1. Visual dysfunctions

The Cromo Care filters represent an effective solution for all the people affected by the following pathologies:


Aphakia and pseudophakia
Corneal dystrophy
Diabetic retinopathy
Macular degeneration
Optic atrophy
Retinitis pigmentosa


2. Harmful radiation

It is essential for people suffering from these diseases to pay more attention to the harmful effects of UV rays and blue light on their eyesight. These filters, by correctly assimilating the harmful radiation, counteract the absorption by the orbital tissues and the consequent arise of visual complications.


3. Transmittance

For each Cromo Care filter is important to know the level of transmittance, that is the percentage ratio between the intensity of the light passing through the lens and that of the light that emerges.



4. The wavelength

A second important aspect to consider is the numerical value of the last wavelength
below which all the other wavelengths are completely absorbed by the lens. For example: if a filter has a value of 450nm, it indicates that all the wavelengths below 450nm are correctly absorbed by the filter.



5. The contrast test

Each filter must be chosen and used depending on the pathology and the results of the
contrast sensitivity test.
To obtain each filter, the lenses are immersed in special colored baths whose pigments are
able to selectively absorb different wavelengths. The lenses are then left in immersion
until the desired solar absorption is reached.
The Cromo Care filters are recommended for people suffering from the pathologies listed
above, those who tried them confirm that they have several benefits including:
• clear vision in all light conditions
• reduction of glare and opacity
• optimal vision in sunny conditions
• improvement of contrast and visual acuity

Below you can find a table with some indications about the Cromo Care filters to use
according to different visual needs:

Night Vision Adaptation
Night Blindness
CVS (Computer Visione Syndrome)
Macular Degeneration
Pre Cataract
Post Cataract
Retinitis pigmentosa
Diabetic retinopathy
SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder)
Sjorgen Syndrome
Outdoor Use
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