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The anti-reflective coating

When it comes to lenses, we often refer to anti-reflective coating, which is present in the majority of lenses sold.
However, what does this coating entail and what advantages does it bring?

Anti-reflective coating is a very thin and layered film applied to the lens, in most cases on both sides, to limit the amount of reflections that strike its surface.



Anti-reflective coating


Our glasses do not completely absorb light, and a portion of the light energy is reflected from the lens surface.
These reflections are not only visible but also cause discomfort for both the wearer and those looking at the person wearing them. The consequences of this light reflection include:


Reduction of contrast
Light rays, instead propagating linearly, they are reflected on the lens surface, compromising the clear and sharp perception of observed objects. This phenomenon results in a reduction of visual contrast.


Presence of ghost images
Ghost images commonly occur when vision is obstructed by the presence of light sources. In such circumstances, additional images may appear.

To mitigate these disturbances in lenses, anti-reflective coating is applied.


How the anti-reflective coating is applied?

Lenses that already have a layer of Hard Coating (HC) undergo a process in specialized machines that deposit layers of nano-deposits of titanium, silicon, and zirconium on the front and back surfaces. These metallic deposits have a destructive effect on light reflections, helping to minimize the disturbances caused by reflected rays.


At LTL, are available different types of anti-reflective coatings, each designed for specific uses:










In conclusion, investing in an anti-reflective coating for your lenses is essential to ensure an optimal visual experience and maximize daily comfort. The extensive range of anti-reflective coatings offered by LTL, each designed for specific needs, allows customizing the choice based on individual requirements.


Do not overlook the importance of clear and sharp vision throughout the day. By choosing a quality antireflective coating, you will not only enhance your vision but also contribute to your long-term visual well-being.



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