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What is the achromatic antiglare coating?

The achromatic antiglare coating for ophthalmic lenses is one of the most used. LTL has developed a special achromatic antiglare coating for a surprising visual comfort.



What is the antiglare coating?

The antiglare coating such as other types of coatings (scratchproof coating, antifog coating etc.) has been created to improve optical performance of the lenses’ element materials, as well as to significantly improve visual comfort.

This special coating intervenes on the light rays effects that are partly reflected, partly refracted and partly transformed into energy and absorbed by the lens.

For this reason, over time this antiglare coating has become indispensable for the correct lens functioning, in particular as regards the reflection phenomenon.

Reflection is an easily recognizable phenomenon by ophthalmic lenses’ users. It affects optimal vision limiting the clearness of images and visual acuity.


Clear signs of this disorder could be:


  • decrease in contrast: light rays do not radiate linearly but are reflected on the surface of the lens, causing the loss of clear and sharp perception of the objects observed;
  • appearance of ghost images: usually occurs when vision is obstructed by light sources;
  • loss of transparency: more light is reflected by the lens, less bright and defined will be the observed reality.



But what is it exactly?

The antiglare coating is a layer of semi-transparent material applied to the lens. It acts against all reflection phenomena in a destructive way in order to help avoid the annoyances caused by the reflected light rays.
The choice of buying an antiglare coating for your glasses is not only an aesthetic choice but it is a real vision revolution.
The benefits of this coating could be appreciated in everyday life.



The advantages of an achromatic antiglare coating: ACHROMA by LTL

In order to guarantee better aesthetic performance and better lens transparency, LTL has created an antiglare coating without residual color. It allows higher quantity of light transmission through the lens, improving the visual quality and minimizing the annoying light sources reflections.



The Achroma coating allows
a clear view, without creating
any colored reflection.



Who should wear glasses with an antiglare coating?

Now that we know the main advantages of the achromatic antiglare coating, to whom is it most recommended?


People with strong myopia


People who use progressive lenses


People who use glasses in the night


People seeking brightness of the images (designers, graphic designers, architects etc.)


People speaking and working in public that seek eye contact


People paying attention to their aesthetics and look






Offer to your customers a
high-performance achromatic
antiglare coating. Recommend them
Achroma by LTL.


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