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Tired and weary after work? Degressive lenses are the answer.

It is not unusual to leave work with your eyes feeling tired or weary. It is a situation that more and more people find themselves in: those who spend long hours in small spaces like offices, studios, secretariats or school rooms know well how hard it can be on our eyes to work at short-medium distances. To prevent this, there are great benefits to be drawn from degressive or “office” glasses.


“Office” glasses for less tired eyes with daily use. How do they work?

We need to be able to comfortably bring objects and people situated at various close distances into focus while maintaining correct posture.

Form the age of 35, we start to find it more difficult having to look from the desk to the computer, from the diary to the client you are speaking to or from the teacher’s desk to the students you are teaching.

Office glasses were conceived to respond to the different visual needs in working environments considering the various distances, be they close (from 60/70cm to 1.3m) or intermediate (from 2m to 4m).


Which lenses should be used in the office?

To have all these distances in focus, we cannot use a single vision lens. You could use, and with good results, the latest generation progressive glasses with very wide field of vision, but the option that performs the best is degressive or “office” glasses.

Degressive lenses were designed for indoor environments where a focal range of up to 4 metres is necessary. In this case, it is essential to select the profile nearest to your own routine.

Degressive lenses can also guarantee correct posture for the neck, shoulders and back as well as a significant reduction of the sensation of burning and dryness of the eyes and of headache. It is highly advisable to combine them with a blue light filter to help the eye to sustain the stress caused by the emission of light waves by all digital devices such as computers, smartphones, TVs, and tablets. If you are interested in learning more on this subject, we recommend reading our article about it.

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