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Summer Info

Summer, the desire to take a break from the projects that keep us busy throughout the year. What better way than to treat ourselves to some relaxing t [...]
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Sports and prescription lenses: what characteristics should they have?

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in sports activities, with increased awareness of the benefits they bring to physical and mental he [...]
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What are UV rays?

UV rays, acronym for “ultraviolet,” are a form of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths shorter than visible light. They are divided [...]
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Refractive abnormality: myopia

We are able to see objects around us properly and clearly thanks to the process of focusing light rays that happens into the retina of our eye. We can [...]
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Extreme prescriptions: the solution comes from Extra Care lenses

  The term emmetropia defines an eye without visual defects able to correctly focus images and make light rays converge at the point of focus. Wh [...]
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Drive Concept lenses: the expert’s words

  Good vision is an essential condition for common safety on the road. While driving, we often feel our eyes tired and heavy. This happens becaus [...]
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Transitions® Signature® GEN 8™: the most innovative photochromic ever!

  After years of studies conducted by Transitions® and a constant research in terms of quality and innovation is born Transitions® Signature® [...]
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5 things you should know about Cromo Care filters

The LTL Cromo Care filters line, lenses with photoselective filtering coatings, was born from the need to contrast the harmful effects that UV rays an [...]
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What are the IR?

Infrared radiation (IR) are electromagnetic radiation (EMR) with a wavelength between 700nm and 1mm which makes them invisible to the human eye. This [...]
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What is the achromatic antiglare coating?

The achromatic antiglare coating for ophthalmic lenses is one of the most used. LTL has developed a special achromatic antiglare coating for a surpri [...]
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Tinted lenses: purely aesthetic or functional too?

Tinted lenses, or coloured lenses, are transparent lenses that undergo a colouration process. The colouration process mainly involves immersing the le [...]
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Polarized Lenses – Features and Benefits

How polarized lenses work, how they’re made and why you might need them.   Why do we need polarized lenses? It happens to everyone: the sun rig [...]
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Short guide to custom parameters

Usually the power prescribed is the prescription of the doctor or optician who does not take into account the frame that your customer wants to wear i [...]
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Photochromic lenses: here’s what the people who tried them say. Let’s try to give them some answers.

Developed in the United States in the mid-60s, Corning, a company specialising in glass and ceramic processing, began to experiment with the possibili [...]
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5 reasons to use lenses that protect against blue light

There is ongoing intense debate on the beneficial and harmful effects of blue light. On the one hand, blue light can represent a useful instrument to [...]
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Tired and weary after work? Degressive lenses are the answer.

It is not unusual to leave work with your eyes feeling tired or weary.
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LTL ACADEMY: the answers to your questions

LTL Academy is the new LTL’s initiative dedicated to education. In this area you can always have access to all the technical knowledge and skills co [...]
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